Unfolding of the Social Entrepreneurship Conference

I am afraid I could not capture the Inauguaration... I was on stage, far away from my camera...

Photographs of Day 1:

Photographs of Day 2:


  1. Amazing! I am not there but just felt I had a visual tour of the conference. The amount of photos uploaded is truly unbeleivable. Plus you have captions on practically all the photos. Also almost real time!My congrtaulations to the team who made this possible. I wonder whether you will be able to upload the presentations with audio as well.

  2. An event during these times is a much needed one when the industry needs job-creators rather than job-seekers. Definitely it will mark the start of a new era in the history of social-entrepreneurship. Missed the action but thanks to the blog, it made the event very much visible.

  3. this is great. i get a sense of what is happening sitting quite far away from it.

  4. Great to see the fastforward movement of the entire conference.. Congratulations Madhukar for this to happen.. I think few speakers from industry are missing..


  5. Great conference, Madhukar, and great organizing all the way. Your posting pictures with such deftness serves its own purpose too: it brings back a veritable deluge of memories. More power to you! And, of course, I await the next conference.